immunomodulator of new generation

Ecological, social and economic problems in Ukraine have led to avalanche-like increase of chronic and relapse infectious, somatic and oncological diseases among the population.

The influence of factors of ionizing radiation, massive and often unbalanced antibiotic therapy have in addition aggravated the disfunctions of immunity which cause the development and inauspicious course of the most illnesses.

The special alarm is caused by the growth of cases of oncological diseases which is connected as to accumulation of the increasing quantity of carcinogenic substances in the environment, and as to decrease of the organism immunological protection of the most levels of the population.

Unfortunately, more than thirds of patients with a cancer in Ukraine die during the 1-st year after the diagnosis determination, owing to late disease diagnostics and impossibility to carry out the full course of its treatment.

It is impossible to ignore that fact, that antineoplastic chemicals and radiotherapy have the additional depressing effect on the cells of immune system and blood.

Numerous researches have convincingly shown that disfunctions of organism immunity can influence severely on the efficiency and the forecast of treatment. Therefore it is quite logical to attempt to treat oncological and inflammatory diseases by influence on the broken immunity with the help of modern medical products which are called immunomodulators. Recently among immunomodulators the medical products of the biological (natural) origin get the increasing value. They have effective and, the main thing, safe influence on the human body. During last years only in Europe 7 programs are carried out. They are directed on development, studying and use of the similar class of preparations for correction of immunity disfunctions. Similar researches are carried out in the USA, Canada, Russia and Japan.

Preparations received with the use of modern industrial technologies take the leading place in medicamentous immunotherapy. Last years the original natural preparation "LIASTEN" has appeared in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. It is derived from cellular walls of Lactobacillus Delbrueckii. "LIASTEN" was developed by the large authors group of scientists and experts; it is protected by several patents of Ukraine. It is produced by DP "ENZIM" (Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsya district, Ukraine).

During the development and registration of the preparation "LIASTEN" its high efficiency and safety have been convincingly proved. So, in 8 multicentered clinical researches which were carried out in leading scientific and medical institutions of Ukraine, it is established, that the preparation "LIASTEN" possesses expressed immunomodulator effect, promotes the normalization of the broken parameters of immunity, blood leukocytes, has the additional antineoplastic and antimetastatic effects, shows radioprotector and antioxidant properties, helps the patient with cancer to pass successfully the full course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, increases the duration and quality of their life. "LIASTEN" is nontoxic; it is well endured by patients and practically does not cause by-effects.